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Analysis of diesel generator set speed asymmetry phenomenon

Author : Date : 10/25/2013 7:39:04 AM

According to years of production and design experience, summed up the two kinds of diesel generator set speed unevenness phenomenon, one is the device substantially swing, a clear sound, this is also known as " hunting"; one is the equipment of small amplitude fluctuations, the sound is not obvious, easy to cause the flameout of diesel engines.

In this case the specific reason is what? Front de analysis is mostly due to a fuel injection pump and a governor of the movement, some parts are not normal resistance, governor retardation caused by.

The causes of segmenting words may be mainly the following points:

In 1, oil is not uniform. Diesel generator running supply many cylinder has oil cylinder knocking, less work is weak, even does not work.

In 2, fuel supply system with air and water as well as the pump is not working properly

3 time of fuel injection, premature, prone to tell " car ", but stability at low speed

In 4, oil quantity regulating rack or the fork rod hair wet, resulting in decreased sensitivity of governor

5, nozzle burned or drop of oil

In 6, the valve clearance.