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How to maintenance of generators

Author : Mr.Yong Li Date : 5/27/2012 11:46:39 PM

Maintenance of generators, it is reasonable to use it, to make it longer service life of some. There is no perfect person, there is no perfect product. So the maintenance of generators is vital, generator 's lifespan, see how you care.

So in the purchase of Wuyi sports engine, must be careful to see that the generator for use, the use of our generator

Should pay attention to the following points:

1. car before starting in low speed operation, avoid high load running;

2. Wuyi sports engine idling or at full speed and full load operation shall not exceed 5 minutes.

3.appropriate shift, preventing the engine hard spell. frequently observed in oil, oil pressure gauge, water temperature table working state.

5.often check the engine oil, coolant level.

6.are not allowed to bring in trailers, load of less than 70% of the motor rated load.